Custom Parts

Soft Touch Speed Handle

Price: $24.99
The S.T.S.H is made out of Aircraft Grade 6061-T65 aluminum. Hard anodized for wear protection. Using this handle will decrease your load and unload times.
  • Fits most shop grade 6½ vices.
  • Ease of attaching and removing. Uses a ¼-20 set screw to attach to vice shaft.
  • Removable thumb screw. To lightly clamp on thin parts.
  • Can be customize with your company logo on face. (additional charge).
Application used for:
  • All types of plastic.
  • Thin walled aluminum.
  • Parts requiring critical surface finishes.
  • Parts that require opening up vice wide to extract part.

Dry Break Cap

Price: $45.00
Made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and used to prevent dirt/debris from falling into the tank.
  • Is a must for fuel injected machines.
  • Sits flush on the dry break housing allowing no step for dirt to build-up on.
  • Item has an o-ring to insure cap is leak proof, but also has vent holes to prevent pressure build-up.
  • Better alternative than cheap plastic ones supplied.